Chuckle: Philosophy

I take this class on the sociology of activism at the moment. It’s one of my more intimate classes, since it’s early in the morning and few make the effort to appear. It is also a discussion-based seminar, which means that the students carry the load of making it interesting. So, anyway, we were given the plagiarism speech, because the term paper submission deadlines are approaching. Two points were made about what constitutes plagiarism. One, the theft of a direct quote and two, the theft of an idea. I chimned in and said

“I often used to have a lot of trouble trying to understand where an idea ends…”

The lecturer laughed. “That’s the philosopher in you!” she quipped, “it all goes back to the self and what a self is and how to draw a line between the self and the universe and then you won’t be able to sleep because the idea of an idea is unknowable and… you know…”

“Yeah… I try not to think about it too much.”

“Yes!” she chuckled. “That’s the only way.”



  1. ” trying to understand where an idea ends”… love it

    1. Let’s hope it is acceptable to say there are ideas at all. Ha, ha!

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