We like to think that Ireland has academic potential, because Irish people are poetic, veriloquent and hard-working. This should sum it up, but Trinity College Dublin exists. The colonialism of Trinity College at which the Book of Kells is still sponsored makes the superficial aspect of the university look appealing to the naked eye, but […]

As modern life begins to reflect on the War on Terror, the Batman vs Superman movie depicts contemporary civilization’s war on ignorance. What is ignorance? this movie asks us. Corruption? Capitalism? Democracy itself?! Social ignorance, philosophers write, concerns the dichotomy between postmodern hypocrisy about justice and human creativity about science. This movie is the perfect […]

What does a ‘control group’ actually mean? In Psychiatric Land control groups don’t actually exist, because reductionism doesn’t either. Because of this every single psychological/psychiatrical study done cannot be repeated and yield the same results. This is called the power of attorney when there is no court order. In other words, we are told which […]

It’s okay to still find this idea that Irish sovereignty no longer exists funny. Why? We still hate the Jews. Globalisation is too crazy not to: when we remember British colonialism we think of German fascism. We prefer homogeneity to multiculturalism because we are bred to think multiculturalism is homogeneous. The Irish so-called home rule […]

People are primarily obsessed with inequality, but more precisely with how not to think about inequality. As a result, people are obsessed with a specific kind of politics that justifies not having to think about morality because they believe morality stigmatises some kind of opaque concept of equality. This is done with what are considered […]

Sociology is an agnostic. To understand what this means we have to investigate what the atheist values of sociology are and then examine why it is agnostic after all. Some of the most important thinkers in sociology have been Karl Marx, Max Weber and Friedrich Nietzsche and I would argue they were famous for being […]

There are two reasons why I hate historians. One, they are inapplicable to the modern world when the modern world exists for them. Two, they are conservative and turn everything they reference into conservatism, rendering every interpretation of the past a product of current affairs, when it may in fact be completely unrelated. Historians are […]