Here is a man who lives out on the frontiers. He sustains himself on a stunningly beautiful stretch of land, mostly in isolation and cares nothing for worldly things. His attention is focused on the simple day-to-day of his own survival. For Faustino freedom and liberty are simple. He is not bound by the laws […]

I take this class on the sociology of activism at the moment. It’s one of my more intimate classes, since it’s early in the morning and few make the effort to appear. It is also a discussion-based seminar, which means that the students carry the load of making it interesting. So, anyway, we were given […]

The Irish education system is an interesting topic. It is stated over and over again in public discourse that the system is absolutely fair and that equal opportunity is at the core of its interests. I would like to challenge this by analysing how schools classify pupils. As is self evident, the system is divided […]

I drew this when I was 16. You can see where I got impatient, but I am pleased with it nonetheless.

Had a whim. Scribbled this before it passed.

The following is an analytical response to The Ritual Process: Structure and Anti-Structure by Victor Turner. I chose this publication as my subject because it is so often cited in sociological circles and seems to be in some aspects foundational to social theory. In this important work, Turner visited the Ndembu people of Zambia and […]

In this post I will discuss my atheism, how I came to be an atheist and why I am still an atheist. I will start with my childhood, then lay down the logical arguments for atheism and finish with my explanation that religion is harmful and what militant atheism means. From an early age my […]


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